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Spring 2018 Saturday Program Payment Plan

TechCORE2's payment plan offers parents the ability to pay 20% of the program fees upfront and pay the remain 80% from January 2, 2018 thru March 20,2018. .

To REGISTER and use the payment plan:

  1. browse and select desired classes @
  2. Clcik the  Youth Saturday Classes on the left navigation bar. 


  1. Use DISCOUNT CODE: PayPlanDep20%|Bal.80%


  1. You will need to click the Checkout button on the bottom right side of the cart window. The below PayPal window will open:


  1. BALANCE PAYMENT: You will have till March 20, 2018 to pay the balance. Please use one the methods below to pay balance:
    a) PayPal "Friends & Family" to 
    b) Online Payments:
    c) Checks make payable to "TechCORE2" (please give to TC2 Administration and receipt will be provided)
    d) Cash (please give to TC2 Administration and receipt will be provided)
  2. Done.